How you communicate to your stakeholders is critical.

The team Wisp boast top level professional experience in the communications and journalism field, and are able to provide arms and legs support for you across all industry.

Comms Delivery Support

Wisp have worked compressively with companies with a heavy comms focus including local body council. We are able to undertake a wide range of comms related tasks and support on behalf of our clients including B2B and B2C comms.


Newsletters, ad copy, website copy, content marketing copy, articles, stories, reports. Whatever your copywriting task we can deliver.

Comms Strategy and ongoing management

As a part of our 360 Marketing and project management service. Wisp can operate this function in a Communications setting to deliver and manage effective plans on behalf of our clients.

Case Studies

Bay of Plenty Rugby - Content and Communications

Bay of Plenty Rugby relies heavily on effective stakeholder communications to relay messages to the community and their partners.

Marketing and promotions are also an important aspect to the Union’s success to promote ticket sales + deliver on partner contracts

In 2020, Bay rugby approached Wisp to deliver additional communications/marketing support to meet demand.

The Task

• Communications planning and strategy

• Marketing Campaigns

• Videography and photography

• Media releases


100+ Media Releases written

50+ videos produced including promotions, social media shorts, company videos

Support delivering 10+ marketing campaigns

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