Wisp love digital because it fits in with our company values of transparency, analysis, and results based on data.

The digital landscape means you can advertise, run e-commerce, or market yourself via social media with clear metrics and tools at your disposal to monitor the success of your campaign and optimise with accuracy.

We are digital experts who are able to interpret the data and strategise efficiently and effectively, meaning ROI for our clients and happy days!

Digital Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Wisp have delivered digital advertising campaigns for our clients from conception through to completion.

Email Marketing

A powerful tool, Wisp are email marketing expert across various platforms, helping deliver everything from content marketing campaigns, e-comm influenced advertising to B2C and B2B communications.

Google and SEO

Need clicks for your website or ads? Wisp can position your website or advertising campaign for success through SEO or Google Ad implementation respectively.


Looking to launch a product online? Wisp can develop and sustain a comprehensive e-commerce strategy for your company with clear measurement criteria to optimise growth and ultimately net positive ROI on sales.

Social Media

Wisp can launch, grow, and sustain your social media accounts including strategy, content production, copy and management..

Case Studies

Body In Motion - Recruitment

Recruitment has been a consistent pain-point across all industries in the post-covid world.

Body In Motion, the Bay of Plenty’s largest physiotherapy business, approached Wisp because their existing recruitment efforts on platforms like SEEK were not returning the desired results and were after a fresh and strategic approach to flip the script

The Task

  • Produce marketing and promotion material (including video) for recruitment purposes and for the Body In Motion website
  • Deliver a 6 month digital recruitment advertising campaign to increase recruitment success for the company

Spark Sport - Social Media Strategy

Spark Sport was a new streaming service that wanted to make a big splash and dominate the digital space.

A big component of this was Social Media, of which before Wisp came on board, had only 5k followers on massive platforms like Instagram.

Wisp helped develop a Social Media strategy for Spark Sport which has returned significant results and was a big part in where Spark Sport’s social presence is today.

The Task

  • Social Media strategy
  • Content Production and copywriting
  • Operational structure 


Viral Social media content campaigns, including a record 1.5 million person engagement rate for the month

Over 100,000 new social media followers gained across all platforms

An average of 150 posts are delivered each week, resulting in a weekly average interaction rate of 40,821 and 258,247 video views.

Kate Barry Piceno - TECT Election

Kate Barry Piceno approached Wisp to create and manage a election advertising campaign for the TECT election

The Task

  • Digital ads and copy
  • Landing pages
  • Campaign management


Kate received the third-highest vote count among all candidates, beating out the likes of well known politicians Don Brash and others.

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