Brand and Marketing

What is your identity? What’s the story you want your business to tell? This is your brand. It is the way you allow your market to recognise you. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple – your brand is your own unique superpower. It enables you to stand out amongst the crowd and connect people to your business on an emotional level. 

Behind every great brand is also an even better marketing strategy, and at Wisp, we are all about bringing your big idea or business into the limelight where it can shine. 

Driven by research and data, we constantly keep our fingers on the pulse to ensure all eyes remain on you. We work with you hands-on and become experts in your business, target market, and competitors. From there, we conceptualise your marketing and advertising strategies with a purpose.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Story and Messaging